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1 HaDavar Messianic Ministries
0 1
HaDavar Messianic Ministries is dedicated to teaching the Bible from a Jewish perspective.
2 Messengers Messianic Fellowship, New Jersey
0 0
A Messianic Jewish Fellowship serving New Jersey, sharing Messiah Yeshua and offering fellowship gatherings. Site contains teaching articles and other resources.
3 Eshcol Valley Ministries
0 0
The abundant life of fruitful living. Messianic articles, bible studies, seminars, CDs and videos. Featuring also the 'Jesus and The Passover' Series.
4 dokimos
0 1
Quotes from the Tenach and New Covenant holy writings to encourage a believer and lead an unbeliever to faith solely in God's Son, our Messiah, Y'shua. Fascinating reading of the Holy Bible for Roman Catholics.
5 Messianic Top 100
0 3
The Messianic Top 100 websites on the internet. This is a list of Messianic sites believing in both justification and sanctification by grace through faith solely in God's Son Yeshua the Messiah.